ITL has extensive experience in the translation of advertising literature, brochures and company documents, with a deep awareness of the linguistic and aesthetic styles of the various cultures. We know that a direct translation could go very wrong and pride ourselves in translating the "essence of the messageā€ to ensure that our clients get it right first time every time. We have worked in all sectors including the commercial, employment, industrial and hotel/leisure sector and for web-use.

We have the experience in the provision of neural/AI translations for large projects.
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For more information about our quality and information security, please refer to our quality standards memberships and regulatory bodies below.

In addition we provide:

  • Easy Read which is designed for people with learning disabilities. The Easy Read format is easy to understand because it uses: Simple, jargon free language and simple sentences.
  • Large Print for those with visual problems.
  • Braille for the blind.
  • Makaton using signs and symbols to help people communicate.
  • Lip speaking reproduce clearly the shapes of the words.
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